Saturday, March 30, 2013

He's Alive!

He's Alive!
April 19, 1992

The sanctuary is very dark (pitch black), and ushers escort people to their seats using small flashlights.  As the service starts, a dim light appears on Peter who is standing at the front of the Sanctuary.  Peter is in mourning.  Peter details his sorrow and confusion and shame (for denying Jesus three times).

Suddenly, down the aisle of the sanctuary comes Mary shouting, "He's Alive! I've seen Jesus!"

The lights come on inside the sanctuary, children stream down the side aisles holding Easter lilies, and the song "He's Alive" (in the video below) is played.  The Holy Spirit fills the sanctuary as the Church stands to praise Jesus.

Enjoy this music, and, for those who experienced this service, re-live the experience. -- Susan

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  1. The memory of those Easter Sunday programs as Susan has described them is one of my favorite memories from Faith United Methodist Church. My husband and I got our start in ministry in that church. When the light would suddenly stream in and "He's Alive!" would start playing, the thrill was electric!
    Dr. Jean Young, Saboba, Northern Region, Ghana